Charlotte Francoz

PhD research student


Room 410, GES, East Quadrangle, Main Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ



Research Title

F840 - Assessing Saltmarsh Resilience in a Changing Climate

Research Summary

Research summary

Since 1945 approximately 15% of UK saltmarshes have been lost (Beaumont, N.J. et al., 2014) through human interference, chiefly agricultural and industrial reclamation, augmented by coastal erosion and sea level rise. The cumulative impact of these factors on saltmarshes is far from clear and deserves to be better understood since they are one of the few natural habitats which can be benignly managed by encouraging sedimentation and colonisation rates to help maintain essential ecosystem services. My research focuses on a pair of managed realignment and natural saltmarshes in Nigg Bay (Cromarty Firth) and is aimed to improve our understanding in both landscape-forming/physical and biological processes as their interactions and interdependency sustain saltmarsh stability.




Studentship 2014-2018 from MASTS (Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland) & University of Glasgow (College of Science and Engineering) .

MASTS Small Grants Funding - Coastal Processes & Dynamics Forum -  (October 2015).

Research Student Mobility Application -  College Of Science & Engineering (May 2015).

SAGES Small Grants Scheme  -  Scottish Alliance for Geosciences, Environment & Society (December 2016).

GES Conference Support Fund - Geographical & Earth Sciences Department (October 2017).


September 2017 –  Poster presentation “Casting light on Nigg Bay’s saltmarsh sediments” at the LED2017 (15th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance -ESR- Dating), Cape Town, South Africa.

November 2016 - Poster presentation of “Luminescence Dating & Sedimentation Regimes in Scottish saltmarshes” at the Coastal Ecology Workshop on marine and terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the Darß/Zingst region, Germany.

October 2016  - Poster presentation of “Luminescence dating of sedimentation regimes in Scottish saltmarshes: can they keep pace with sea-level rise?” at Annual Science Meeting for the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland -MASTS- in Glasgow, UK.

July 2016 - First prize Award Poster presentation of “Luminescence in Scottish saltmarshes: Testing contemporary sediment bleaching at Nigg Bay, Cromarty Firth”  (Francoz, C. 1*, Sanderson, D.C.W. 2, Kinnaird, T. C. 2, Carmichael, L.A. 2, Hansom, J.D. 1 (1. University of Glasgow, UK  2.  Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, East Kilbride ).) at the UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 2016 in Liverpool.


Level 1, 2 & 3 Lab Demonstrator, Leader (GIS and Statistics) & Tutor at School of Geographical and Earth Sciences