Roger Grau Andres

Roger Grau-Andres
  • PhD candidate

telephone: +44 (0) 141 330 4376

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
Room 211, East Quadrangle 
Glasgow G1298QQ

Under a changing climate, warmer temperatures and altered precipitation patterns are projected to intensify summer and increase wildfire activity in some regions, such as the UK. This project aims to understand what changes in fire behaviour may occur in heather moorlands and peat bogs, where there is concern of damage to ecosystem services such as conservation value and carbon stores. My objective was to link changes in fire severity following drought (e.g. increased soil heating and consuption of ground vegetation) with changes in post-fire vegetation regeneration and soil carbon dynamics (CO2 and CH4 fluxes and dissolved organic carbon). I completed 19 experimental fires after lowering soil and vegetation moisture content by using drought shelters. The experiments were carried out in two sites: a dry heathland in an estate actively managed for red grouse in Aberdeenshire (Glen Tanar Estate), and a SSSI raised bog in South Lanarkshire (Braehead Moss). It is expected that this study will contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between climatic variations, fire behaviour, carbon dynamics and vegetation regeneration dynamics in Calluna vulgaris dominated habitats.

This project is supervised by Prof. Susan Waldron (University of Glasgow), Dr. Matt Davies (Ohio State University), Dr. Alan Gray (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) and Prof. Marian Scott (University of Glasgow). Support comes from the University of Glasgow (Lord Kelvin and Adam Smith Scholarship).

  • Fuegored (Spanish thematic network on wildfires) (Malaga, Spain, 2015)

Climate controls on fire severity and post-fire vegetation regeneration (oral presentation)

  • Wildfire conference (Glasgow, 2015)

Moisture codes of the Canadian Fire Weather Index System could be used to forecast the flammability of key moorland fuels (oral presentation)

  • Fire Effects on Soil Properties (Dublin, 2015)

Fuel and climate controls on peatland fire severity (oral presentation)


Fire severity controls on peatland carbon dynamics (poster, awarded best student poster)

  • International Conference on Forest Fire Research (Coimbra, 2014)

Fuel and climate controls on peatland fire severity (poster, 2nd best poster award)

  • Wildfire Conference (Cardiff, 2013)

The role of the moss and litter layer in controlling fire severity in heather moorland prescribed burning (oral presentation)


The effect of drought on moorland fire severity (poster)