Philip Nicholson

Room 304 School of Geographical and Earth Sciences East Quadrangle University of Glasgow University Avenue Glasgow G12 8QQ 0141 330 4506

Title: Creative GIS

Scholarship: AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award

My PhD Project aims to explore the creative potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS, it seems, is entering a ‘third stage’ (Sui 2004), wherein notions of performance, experimentation and creativity have all been used to underwrite GIS as an embodied, entangled and mediated set of spatio-temporal practises characterised by a distributed agency, a vibrant materialism, and a sustained smoothing of chaos (Barad 2007, Bennet 2010, Grozs 2008). Here, I want to pursue the question of how such a ‘third stage’ has been demarcated according to what has gone before, and how GIS is currently unfolding along with a disciplinary wide interest in notions of a more-than-human worlding.

Straughan, E.R. and Nicholson, P.J. (2013) From the Enlightenment to Test Bed for the Future: Edinburgh International Science Festival, Leonardo Reviews (May).


Straughan, E.R. and Nicholson, P.J. (2013) Sea Change, Leonardo Reviews Quarterly (December).

From Spatial Science to GIS, GISRUK 2014, University of Glasgow, Glasgow

GTA 2013-Present - Lab Leader, Geography Level 1

Talk/Workshop - Geoinformation Technology and Cartography MSc/PgDip/PgCert - May 2015