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Have you applied for Electronic & Software EngineeringElectronics & Electrical Engineering or Electronics with Music but want to know more? Watch our very own Prof Scott Roy and electronics students Shawn Carranza and Andrew Cook talk about what they love about Electronics at Glasgow.

Why Choose Electronics & Electrical Engineering at UofG

World changers welcome

Projects and extra-curricular activities

Find out what some of our students are doing both in and out of the lecture theatre:

GUieee - An Electronics Society

GUieee is the official iEEE student branch for the University of Glasgow that arranges events for anyone interested in electronics.

Throughout the year we get industry professionals into the university to give talks about their companies and electronics within their companies. We also get some professors, within the university, to come and talk to us about their cutting edge research too!

Additionally we host workshops to teach specific skills that you might not get a chance to learn on your own course. We run some beginner workshops for those completely new to electronics and want to learn an extra skill. Alongside which we run electronics projects throughout the year, to help apply the knowledge we learn in lectures but in a more social environment.

We also arrange day trips, last year we went to the second largest on-shore wind farm in Europe!

We plan a bunch of social nights out throughout the year as well to show we can still have fun!  

We're on Facebook and you can visit our website 


This student led society consists of five sub teams:


They come together, not only to enter competitions such as the Manchester Metropolitan University Embedded Systems Design Contest 2015, but also to help and support each other in their studies as Ivan Lazarov, a 3rd Mechatronics student, explains:

‘I founded the Glasgow University Robotics Society, GURS, with several trusted friends of mine. We grew extremely quickly from 5 to more than 30 people this academic year alone. We have regular team meetings, a working management structure and very interesting engineering workshops in electronics, control and mechanics.

 Inside the society more experienced 3rd and 4th year students help 1st and 2nd year students to digest a lot of the topics that are hard to get the first time which has, so far, been beneficial for all concerned. We are contest based society strictly targeted at national and international competitions. We are an engineering team of young and motivated individuals representing our university at the Manchester Metropolitan University Embedded Systems Design Contest 2015 - http://www.soe.mmu.ac.uk/ucesd/. We also have two research groups looking into long term international autonomous submarine design contest 2015-16.’

To find out more about GURobotics visit their website.

Did you know that you could be eligible for an annual bursary of £1,000?

The University of Glasgow is a proud partner of the UK Electronics Skills foundation (UKESF) therefore, if you chose to study with us you could benefit from the UKESF scholarship scheme which offers:

  • Annual bursaries of up to £1,000
  • Paid summer work placements
  • Industrial mentoring
  • Professional development training at UKESF Scholar Workshops
  • Opportunities to build relationships with potential employers

UoG is only one of three institutions within Scotland who are able to offer this opportunity to its students.

For more information visit: