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Projects and extra-curricular activities

Find out what some of our students are doing both in and out of the lecture theatre:

Aerospace Systems Design Project

As a student here you will have the opportunity to take part in many ‘design and build’ team projects. The Aerospace Systems Design Project is one such course as Kyle Brown, a 4th year Aerospace systems student, explains:

‘The fourth year Aerospace Systems students have set out to expand the range of capabilities of multi-rotor aircraft. They have designed, built and flown a tilt rotor aircraft. This aircraft is a quad-rotor that is able to tilt its motor vertically to allow for forward flight as its one and a half metre wing generates the lift for the aircraft. This was built to fuse the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a multi-rotor aircraft with the range of a fixed wing aircraft.

Through this project the team of students have developed their skills in collaborative design, computer aided design, system integration, rapid prototyping and 3D printing, pulling together the skills developed throughout our degree program.’

Design, Build & Fly

Design, Build, Fly

Design build fly is a prestigious competition organised by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. This year, for the first time, the School of Engineering has supported a team of 20 students who are currently competing in Tucson, AZ completing ground and flight missions. The University of Glasgow Design Build Fly Team, UG DBF, will be one of 100 leading engineering universities taking part in this competition and is one of only two UK institutions that will be competing.

Sponsorship and PR Manager Vladislav Andrijako says:

‘We are aiming to enhance our real-world aircraft design experience and to put our analytic studies into practice by taking part in this prestigious competition. Our team has to design, fabricate and demonstrate flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio controlled aircraft which will be tested over several specified mission profiles.

One mission is to carry 2.3 kg of useful payload for 2.6 km ensuring balanced design possessing, good flight handling qualities with practical & affordable vehicle manufacturing requirements while providing a high vehicle performance.’

Co-founder and Project Manager, 4th year Aeronautical Engineering masters student, Arturs Jasjukevics says:

‘The School of Engineering, the department of Aerospace Sciences, the academics, admin staff and technicians - everyone welcomed and supported the idea from financial and administrative investment to the provision of a designated workshop area on campus. As a result of this support we managed to build a competitive aircraft using advanced model aircraft manufacturing equipment, tools, materials and motors’.

You can find out more about the team here:




Design, Build, Fly Team Photo


JetX was founded at the end of 2014 and has quickly expanded to one of the most active engineering clubs. As an initiative of 5 engineering students from 4 disciplines, it now consists of 20 members in the main team. As the name suggests it’s all about jet engines! The team is currently designing a high bypass turbofan jet engine from scratch and even though it’s only a part of modern aviation the opportunities to use knowledge from all aspects of engineering are here. There are 4 sub teams, which enable students to specialise in a field, putting knowledge of fluid mechanics, dynamics, propulsion, power transmission and even electronics to good use. 

However our project goes beyond CAD. We are working through every detail and calculation, estimating all realistic parameters as would be the case in real life, making reasonable assumptions. Our plan is to prototype the entire model using 3D printing, enabling students to get hands-on experience with another technology on the rise. The largest companies in the sector, including GE have begun to use 3D printing for the manufacture of parts and even though our model will be made of plastic, it faces the same assembly challenges, which the team will need to overcome.

Due to the nature of the club, the team does mainly consist of aerospace & aeronautical students, but it is open to everyone and we even have biomedical engineering students as members.

Feel free to have a look at our website .

Christos Triantafyllou 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student


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