The ability to structure circumstances to a given objective.

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Particularly in the case of long projects, time management and organization are paramount. Just ask any student who has undertaken a semester or year long project and you are bound to hear a horror story about disarray at hand in time. There are several useful tools available to assist you in organizing your work, but it is essential that you are able to identify priorities and set yourself deadlines. Doing so will help you to monitor progress and adapt tp unexpected changes. It is important to remember that things rarely go according to plan and so being flexible is an important skill to have. Also without a plan it can be very hard to see that you are falling behind until it's too late, and that is a very dangerous trap to fall into.

  • How do you organize your personal study time?
  • How do you plan longer assignments/projects? How do you ensure you are keeping up to date and on track?
  • Do you tend to leave things to the last minute? What difficulties has this posed for you in the past?