Creativity Lab: Semester 2

Creativity Lab: Semester 2

The School of Engineering aims to provide new opportunities for creative activities across our degree programmes. As a pilot project for new 1st year students, we have organised a number of short, self-contained activities Wednesday afternoons 2-5 pm. These will be hands-on design and build activities which provide opportunities for creativity thinking and problem solving. Examples include ‘Great egg race’ (Design of egg transfer system) and ‘Entrepreneurship challenge’ (Product design/business plan).  Look out for registration emails each week – only 20 places available for each activity.

CREATIVITY LAB: Semester 1 pilot activities






MBed microprocessor workshop

Wed 24/1/18, 2-5 pm

544 JWS

Calum Cossar

Hands-on electronics design/build

Drawing and sketching for conceptual design

Wed 31/1/18, 2-5 pm

Level 6 suite (643) JWS

Fiona Bradley

Rapidly communicate design ideas

Entrepreneurship challenge

Wed 7/2/18, 2-5 pm

Level 6 suite (643) JWS

Duncan Bremner

Product design/business plan

Great egg race: Part 1 (design)

Wed 14/2/18, 2-5 pm

Level 6 suite (643) JWS

John Shackleton

Design of egg transfer system

Great egg race: Part 2 (build/test)

Wed 21/2/18, 2-5 pm

334 JWS

John Shackleton

Built of mechanical system + test


Registration is currently closed, you will be emailed as soon as registration re-opens.