Why join the GUESS scheme?

Main building and tower from Kelvingrove park

Working with the The University of Glasgow School of Engineering will have many benefits for your organisation.

  • We have been delivering world-class engineering education and research for more than 150 years.
  • Research is undertaken within our 5 research divisions.
  • We offer fully-accredited undergraduate degree programmes in all the major Engineering disciplines that provide pathways towards Chartered Engineer status.
  • At postgraduate level, our degrees provide continuing professional development in response to global industrial and governmental needs.
  • The education we provide is informed and supported by our portfolio of fundamental and industrially relevant research at the cutting-edge of technology.

 The GUESS scheme offers your company a facilitated process to help you find the most suitable students for your needs, enabling you to develop a long term relationship that gives you confidence in your graduate recruitment. As part of the benefits of offering a scholarship, companies may be offered opportunities to raise their profile with all the students in the School to assist with their graduate recruitment process.