An example of how the process might work in 2016/2017.

1. Academic high achievers (students who are on target at the end of their first or second year for a first class honours or a 2:1 degree) are identified by the School at the start of the academic session and invited to apply to the scholarship scheme in October. You can see what the Application Forms look like.

2. Applicants select up to three companies that they would be interested in linking with. The School screens the applications, checking that students meet any specific criteria set by a company, and then forwards relevant applications in mid-November. Companies decide by mid-December which students they would like to consider.

3. All companies and candidates are then invited to a ‘matching’ day held at the University in February. There will be an opportunity at this for both informal interaction and more formal interviews. After this both students and sponsors rank their preferences and the matches are agreed by the beginning of March.

4. Companies invite students to complete any formal processes required by them (eg application via recruitment portal) and issue letters regarding any placement being offered in the summer. The School will require to be assured that a relevant risk assessment has been carried out before any placement activity commences.

5. The School will invoice the company for the first year scholarship and initial bursaries are paid to the scholars in April.  On completion of the placement the School will contact the company to check that the placement was successful and confirm that the sponsorship will continue (if applicable). Continuing bursaries are then paid to the students from the beginning of the new academic session.