University of Glasgow are now officially a spoke of the CIMComp hub

The University of Glasgow is now part of the EPSRC CIMComp, the Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub.

Following a call for proposals in May 2017, the Hub has announced the funding of six new feasibility studies. Each project will be awarded £50,000 and will run for 6 months. Proposals were invited from UK academic researchers for projects that addressed fundamental, step-changing research in key composites manufacturing areas identified in conjunction with the Composites Leadership Forum.  

The call received 56 proposals from 25 academic institutions across the UK. The awarded funding will support new research projects at two existing Hub institutions, and will welcome three now spoke members, including the University of Glasgow.

The feasibility study, entitled "Multi-Step Thermoforming of Multi-Cavity, Multi-Axial Advanced Thermoplastic Composite Parts", is led by Dr Philip Harrison, together with co-Is Dr Daniel Mulvihill and Dr Euan McGookin.

First published: 11 August 2017