Latest achievements of single crystal diamond growth: breakthroughs and remaining challenges - Jocelyn Achard, Université Paris 13

Jocelyn Achard, Université Paris 13, will be visiting the School of Engineering. As part of his visit he will deliver a seminar entitled, "Latest achievements of single crystal diamond growth: breakthroughs and remaining challenges". Abstract and biography are given below.

Date & Time: 14:00, Thursday, 22nd June
Venue: Room 514, Rankine Building


For the past 10 years, diamond, and more particularly single crystal diamond, has attracted a strong interest from the scientific community, mostly fueled by the significant progresses achieved in the synthesis of high purity and crystalline quality material and the reduction of its production cost. Thus new devices and new areas of application are emerging, especially in the field of electronics device and quantum sensing that are currently booming. This presentation will outline the steps that enabled spectacular progresses in diamond growth, in particular in obtaining thicker and larger single diamond crystals. We will then address the developments that have been made to try to reduce the production costs of the material which remain a major impediment to its development. Finally, even if significant growth rates have been achieved, it is also essential to control the crystal quality and more particularly dislocations. The latest development done in this area will be presented.

First published: 13 June 2017