UNO-LAB is located on the second floor of the Rankine Building (Oakfield Avenue), in ROOM 223. It is a state of the art lab space with +/- 0.5 deg temperature stabilisation 24/7 with electronic feedback to users, humidity control and air-quality control.

UNO users also have access to the Extreme Light Lab, which hosts a shared laser facility (see below).


  • C-Fiber 780 HE (Menlo). This is a mode-locked Erbium-doped fibre laser, delivering 70fs pulses att 80MHz repetition rate at 780nm wavelength and with average power >190 mW. This source is the frequency duplicated of the fundamental Erbium source, which is also available with up to 4 500mW at 1560nm.
  • Carbide- CB3 40W (Light Conversion). This is a mode-Locked Yb:KGW amplified laser delivering output power up to 40W, from 100kHz to 1MHz repetition rate at 1025nm. From single shot to 100kHz, the energy per pulse is up to 0.4mJ.
  • ORPHEUS-F (Light Conversion). This is a dual-pulse optical parametric amplifier (OPA) delivering ~160fs pulses with up to 30μJ energy per pulse tuneable continuously in the 650-2600 nm region (Type II amplifier). In addition, the same OPA can deliver shorter pulses (compressible to <60 fs) over a reduced spectral region, and ultrashort pulses (bandwidth <20 fs) at selected wavelengths. 


  • THz time-domain spectroscopy setup (ZnTe and TeraSED3 emission, ZnTe/GaP detection via electro-optical sampling)
  • FROG and single-shot autocorrelator.
  • OSA207C Spectrum Analyser (Thorlabs) covering 1-12μm spectrum.
  • High-speed APS CMOS cameras for the visible spectrum (Zyla, Andor).


A full inventory of the UNO resources is available online at Quartzy (UNO LAB Account #24-88803-376). Collaborators and group members can get access to the inventory by contacting the PI.

A wiki containing the basic Infos and the lab and group how-to is available within the University network at 

Manuals and Softwares are stored on a shared drive which required staff privileges.