Nonlinear Optics in AlGaAs (1990s)

The Optoelectronics Research Group at the University of Glasgow were world leaders in the recognition, understanding and application development of nonlinear guided waves in the AlGaAs alloy semiconductor. It was recognised that ultrafast nonlinear refraction (denoted by n2 or the real part of χ(3), and also referred to as the optical Kerr effect) is enhanced in the spectral region just below the half-bandgap, and, more importantly, it avoids the detrimental effects of two-photon absorption. For the optical communications wavelength of 1550nm, this corresponds to an Al alloy fraction of 0.18 to 0.20. The refractive index change is only present when the optical field is present and therefore the speed of the effect is determined the shortness of the optical pulse, usually limited by dispersion.

Experimental demonstrations included all-optical switching in directional couplers, Mach-Zehnder interferometers, temporal and spatial solitons.

The figure shows the deduced orientational dependence of nonlinear refraction for linear and circular polarised light based on experimental observations.

Polarisation and crystallographic orientational dependence of nonlinear refraction in AlGaAs

Some of the key concepts of The Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductors were included in this presentation at the CIPI-S/NIT Toronto Summer School (June 2005).

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