Ultrafast Systems

Ultrafast Systems

The Ultrafast Systems Group at the University of Glasgow conducts research into:

  • Advanced semiconductor transistor design
  • Ultra-high frequency and ultra-low power monolithic integrated circuit design
  • Manufacture of transistors and integrated circuits with critical dimensions below 50 nm
  • Broadband on-wafer component test and measurement

 The application areas of our work include:

  • III-V MOSFETs for digital circuits beyond the ITRS 22 nm technology generation
  • Ultra-low power radio transceiver design and realisation for autonomous distributed sensor networks at 6 GHz and 24 GHz
  • Low noise mm-wave receiver design and realisation for 94 GHz and beyond imaging and sensing

To be fully exploited, these application areas require low cost, high performance electronic components based on advanced, manufacturable transistor and integrated circuit technologies.  We are addressing these issues by developing GaAs and InP HEMT and MOSFET technologies with gate lengths down to 15 nm.  These next generation transistor technologies will eventually supercede our current monolithic integrated circuits based on 50 nm gate length transistor technologies operating from 6 GHz to 200 GHz.