Opportunities in the BEST group

Opportunities in the BEST group

We are looking for three highly motivated Post-Docs and PhDs in the following areas. Interested candidates are encouraged to discuss their research plan with Dr. Ravinder Dahiya. 

EPSRC CDT Integrative Sensing and Measurement Projects (2016/17 Entry):

G18: Contact Lens with Embedded Biosensors (link)
First Supervisor: Dr Ravinder Dahiya, Second Supervisor: Professor David Cumming, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

G19: Electronic Contact Lens (link)
First Supervisor: Dr Ravinder Dahiya, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

To apply for these PhD positions,please submit a CV and covering letter to i-sensingmeasurement@glasgow.ac.uk. Please include transcripts of your academic record if you have them available. Your covering letter should list the above mentioned projects and highlight how your experience and interests are pertinent to these projects. 

Available PhD/Post-Docs Position:

We are currently looking for highly motivated PhD/Post-Docs in the multidisciplinary area of flexible/bendable and printable electronics. In particular, looking for 3 highly motivated PhDs on following topics:

  • Flexible Magnetic Sensing Microsystem (link)
  • Compact Modeling of Electronic Devices on Flexible Substrates (link)
  • Ultra-thin Bendable Microsystems for Biomedical Applications (link)
  • Flexible Electronic devices using Compound Semiconductors (link)

Interested candidates are encouraged to discuss their research plan. For prospective PhD students, the detailed application process is available at: http://www.gla.ac.uk/colleges/scienceengineering/graduateschool/postgraduateresearchstudy/howtoapply/

Available B.Eng, M.Eng and M.Sc projects:

Students from universities who are interested in one of the projects listed below, please contact Dr. Dahiya by email, phone or in person. It is sometimes possible to have two students working on the same project. Please discuss the formalities and other informal discussion with BEST group members at room number 461, James Watt South Building.

  • Smart Multi-sensor Electronic Glove for Sensitive Artificial Prosthetic/Robotic Hand
  • Polycrystalline Si-nanowires as efficient thermoelectric materials
  • Ultra-Thin Flexible CMOS Magnetic Sensors for Wearable Applications
  • Analog Sensor Interfaces for Biomedical Applications
  • Low-Power Ultra-Low Offset Op-Amp
  • Ultra-low power Capacitive-to-Digital Converter (CDC)
  • Low-Power Piezoelectronic Transistors (PET)
  • Ultra-low power SAR ADC
  • 3D Bendable Magnetic Hall Sensor Flexible Electronics Application
  • Gesture controlled prosthetics/robotics
  • Modelling and Simulation of Silicon Nanowires based Neural Logics and Circuits
  • Silicon nanowires fabrication towards flexible electronics application
  • Atomistic Modelling and Simulation of Silicon Nanowires
  • Si-nanowire based flexible photo-sensors array/solar cells