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UESTC Design of an Ambulatory EEG amplifier and its future applications in rehabilitation (04 May, 2017)

Speaker: Tiejun Liu

Recently, computational neuroscience has become one of the most important disciplines in neuroscience to understand and to model neural activity. There are different ways to measure the activity of the brain, such as Electroencephalograph (EEG), Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). EEG has been an indispensable tool due to the advantages of high temporal resolution, easy setup and low cost. Inexpensive portable EEG solutions are increasingly being used for neurorehabilitation purposes.

In this presentation, I am going to address the most common weaknesses of the existing ambulatory EEG systems and explain our approach to minimize this problems in our novel EEG amplifier design. The quality of the EEG signal and the performance of the amplifiers have been tested and verified under different conditions in our Lab (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China). I will also describe future applications of this EEG amplifiers in rehabilitation and in Brain Computer Interface.

The amplifiers will be demonstrated following the presentation.

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