Shock-Wave/Boundary Layer-Interaction (SWBLI) is a phenomenon of strong industrial and scientific interest because of the strong, and negative, impact it has in many aeronautical application and the somehow obscure physics of the problem. 

The study of SWBLI is studied in the context of the European project TEAMAero (Towards Effective Flow Control and Mitigation of Shock Effects In Aeronautical Applications). Within this framework, 15 Early Stage Researches (ESRs) from 7 universities, 3 research centres and 2 companies focus their efforts in investigating SWBLI together with the support of their supervisors and of several industrial partners.

During the project, experimental and numerical studies will be carried on with the aim of gaining better physical understading of the problem in the context of turbomachinery and channels for internal aerodynamics and wings for external flows. The project also aim at developing cutting-edge tools for flow characterization through the introduction of new, improved experimental techiques and numerical models.

Here at the University of Glasgow, the main attention is devoted to the developement and calibration of numerical models for the study of external flows around three-dimensional wings.  




George N. Barakos, Professor - 

Rene Steijl, Senior Lecturer -

Andrea Petrocchi, PhD Student (PGR) -