‌‌Head of Division: Prof Konstantinos Kontis, FAIAA, FRAeS, FIMechE, CEng, PhD

The University of Glasgow has been the home of Aerospace Research for over 70 years. This long-standing activity has culminated in the Division of Autonomous Systems and Connectivity having internationally recognised expertise in all areas of Aeronautics and Aerospace, Communication, Sensing and Imaging Systems, and Devices.

Today our researchers are tackling multidisciplinary challenges, and are developing future technological capabilities to deliver uninterrupted connectivity that is interoperable between aircraft, helicopters, drones, future electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles, satellites, command centres and mobile units deployed on the ground or at sea. Our interdisciplinary approach enables the provision of innovative, and integrated solutions for the region and beyond.

We support world-class testing facilities, including wind tunnels and the ESA/ESTEC Plume-Regolith Testing Facility. Our extensive simulations expertise covers the range of phenomena associated with flight, fluids, structures, materials, and research in robotics and autonomous systems is driving innovations in space and exploration, aerial, ground and underwater vehicles.

We have state of the art research facilities for lab-based and simulation-based design and evaluation of wireless communication systems and subsystems. Our campus-wide 5G testbed, funded and supported by the Scotland 5G Centre, brings together academia and industry to test, develop and deploy 5G applications and solutions. We are actively working on autonomous wireless communication systems (encompassing self-organising networks and cognitive networks) as well as developing algorithms and technolgoies for the upcoming 6th generation of mobile technology. 

These have resulted in very strong research themes that cover all the main research areas within Autonomous Systems and Connectivity while providing links to other engineering and science disciplines.