Tuck Lab Workshop Drop-In Sessions

Issued: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 15:15:00 GMT

Need to make mechanical components to support your robotics project? Would like to modify a part for use in your project? Want to clean up that 3D printed piece?

In order to support practical design-and-prototype work, both within courses and for extra-curricular projects, we are making the Tuck Lab Workshop available to students on a ‘drop-in’ basis every Wednesday this semester between 10.00-12.00. Technician support will be available, as will use of the tools and equipment, though you will generally be expected to provide your own materials. At the moment there is no need to book in advance, though we will review this dependent on numbers turning up. This is a trial period, and if there is enough demand, it may be possible to expand the hours in future. (Similarly, if there is no demand, it will be difficult to justify the technician resource; so, please use it!)

It is appreciated that the hours may not suit everyone, but for the moment, this was the only consistently available slot. If you would like to use the facility, but have lecture commitments during those hours, please contact me, john.p.shackleton@glasgow.ac.uk, it may be possible to move the hours some weeks.



John Shackleton