Hazel Jeffrey from Clyde Space

Issued: Thu, 04 May 2017 09:51:00 BST

Aeronautical Engineering graduate, Hazel Jeffrey, joined Clyde Space shortly after her graduation in 2014.

Clyde Space, a recognised world leading innovator and supplier of CubeSats and small satellite systems was the subject of Hazel’s talk when she visited us in February this year.

Hazel Said “At Clyde Space I’ve undertaken in-depth design studies with the European Space Agency, and I’ve worked very closely with a team of engineers on our SeaHawk earth observation CubeSat, from the initial concept through to its first major design review. I’m now working within our digital systems engineering team.”

Hazel spoke highly of her time as a student at the University of Glasgow and it was great to have her with us to help celebrate achieving the school’s bronze award.


Hazel, Colin & Caroline

Pictured: Professor Colin McInnes, Hazel Jeffrey & Dr Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay