Building the UGR-14

Issued: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 10:37:00 GMT

 Formula student 3

"Formula Student is a unique and amazing project for any student to be involved in. Even though the centre piece of the team`s work is a small single seater race car the skills and experience gained are applicable in any field of engineering. The team looks to recruit students from every field of engineering from Aeronautical to Biomedical and welcomes students from all years in the courses.From my experience with the team the sooner a student joins the more they will be able to maximise the benefits of Formula Student.

The team offers high quality training in CAD design, manufacturing and management as well as developing the communication skills needed to work with a variety of sponsors and suppliers. Also available to team members are  specialised professional courses that we receive from our sponsors (e.g. TWI provides welding training through Doosan Babcock ).

A perfect example of the benefits of formula student are the personal successes of our team members, just this year alone we have people securing internships with companies like Vauxhall, Triumph , Rolls Royce and Dyson, as well as some team members successfully establishing their own businesses in engineering.
The advantages a member gains over their peers on the job market is so substantial, that missing out on joining the team can easily be acknowledged as the biggest mistake in a person`s academic career !!!"

Yavor Gegov
Team Principal
Mechanical Engineering


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