Student Profile BEng Electronics & Electrical Engineering (2+2 Agreement with Tianjin University)

Student Profile:Wei Wei Wei wei profile
BEng Electronics & Electrical Engineering‌
(2+2 Agreement with Tianjin University)

Wei Wei completed the final two years of her BEng (Hons) Electronics & Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Glasgow through a partnership agreement with Tianjin University. She graduated in June 2012, progressing to study a Masters programme at Columbia University in New York City. From January 2014, she will be employed by the Silicon Engineering Group of Apple as a CPU design verification engineer.

What attracted you to studying in the UK?
The quality of UK education has a great international reputation. From my point of view, it is highly recognised by employers worldwide.
Spending a period of time in the UK also made me more independent, expanded my horizons, and enhanced my language skills and personal development.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Glasgow?
The programme based on the partnership agreement offered me an opportunity to learn my favourite subjects. In Glasgow, I was able to customise my coursework. It is a great place to learn up-to-date technologies, work on challenging projects and gain valuable skills.

In what ways did studying your subject at Glasgow benefit your overall degree?
This Bachelor degree programme offered me a wide range of academic courses that covered many sub-areas and balanced the knowledge of my major. Laboratories are an integral part of almost all the courses and the School provided me with excellent lab working places with rich laboratory equipment and resources. I’m able to handle a little bit of everything after studying my subject at the University of Glasgow.
It was also exciting to work on challenging projects under the tutelage of experienced supervisors during my study in Glasgow. While experiencing the satisfaction of completing an interesting project and exploring the latest in technology, I developed engineering organisation skills, learned to communicate my ideas effectively within a team and presented my ideas to my supervisors and other students and faculty.

Lecturers at the University of Glasgow are very knowledgeable and encourage questions. They are also fair, open and always accessible. I was always encouraged to speak out and implemented my own ideas in my projects, which greatly developed my interests and potentials.

Why do you think studying a degree programme at two institutions is advantageous?

You will be exposed to a new study environment. Students need to get used to different learning and teaching methods and social life, which is actually a positive challenge. Your social networking is largely expanded.

What did you enjoy most about your time at the University of Glasgow?
The University is historical but international, multidisciplinary and equipped with modern infrastructures, which benefitted my learning and social life.
I enjoyed the library time, sports time and party time with my new friends. It is not hard to become adapted to the University life here, even if you are not a native English speaker.
What do you think of Glasgow as a place to live?

Glasgow is a wonderful city that has many beautiful historical structures.
Friendly people, fantastic entertainment, convenient transportation, safe neighbourhoods all impressed me. The city is a nice place to live and study.

First published: 17 December 2013