Product Design Engineer Hannah Jenkins working to save eyesight for sufferers of diabetes.

Issued: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 11:32:00 BST

Hannah ProfileAs one of our Product Design Engineers Hannah’s time is split between the University of Glasgow, where our PDE students are engaged with Mechanical Engineering principles, and the Glasgow School of Art where they take these newly learnt skills and creatively apply them to solving design challenges.

I love the course I’m doing and can’t wait to start a career in design. It matches my personality perfectly as I’m equally creative and logical.

"I have been lucky enough to secure three internships over the past summers, starting in an oil & gas engineering consultancy, to a mechanical design company, and last year an innovative product design consultancy. Each year I have learnt and gained from the experiences, and confirmed to myself that a career in product design engineering is really my ideal job”

Last December Hannah got rather a lot of media attention for an oxygen tankbag she designed whilst working for a design company during a summer internship. 

This year, as part of the final year project Hannah has been awarded a grant from the GU68 Engineers (a trust established by the 1968 Engineering Graduates) for her work which focuses on the growing problem of diabetes:

“This year I am undertaking my final year project, of which I design and engineer a product of my choosing. I originally chose to focus on the growing problem of diabetes, spoke to users, including nurses, clinicians, hospital staff as well as many patients. I found a huge problem for the health service was to monitor the complications of diabetes, particularly the eye disease diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blindness if undetected. My project looks at outsourcing screening from the hospital to clinics and homes, in order to allow patients to be checked more often and at much lower cost to the NHS. ”

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