University of Glasgow bid to lead Britain’s second 5G technology demonstrator

Issued: Sun, 01 Oct 2017 10:41:00 BST

Featured in the Digital Cities supplement in The Sunday Times Scotland, and FutureScot on 1st October, Prof Chirs Pearce, Prof Muhammad Imran and Micheal Burns set out the University's vision for a 5G demonstrator within the Smart Campus Project.

The article describes the research activities of the Wireless Communications and RADAR Systems group, led by Muhammad Imran, that will facilitate the delivery of a 5G network, such as efficient use of energy, intelligent management of demand, and information sharing. It goes on to describe the University's overarching Smart Campus project, led by Chris Pearce - 'Glasgow University is keen to contribute to this development through a programme of partnership research, based around the development of the smart campus. The aim is to create a living lab to test these requirements, and the potential of these new applications.' The University is now working with CGI, the world’s fifth largest independent information technology and business process services firm, to plan and manage a 5G network through 3D city modelling. 

Michael Burns, Business Development Manager, was quoted, 'The demonstrator has the advantage of being part of the largest capital investment in western Scotland. We think of this project as a strong example of the university sector driving change through collaboration with city and national partners.'