Explorathon '17: European Researchers' Night, Glasgow

Issued: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 10:13:00 BST

School of Engineering staff and students joined researchers from across Glasgow, and Scotland, to take part in Explorathon '17: European Researchers' Night on Friday 29th September. Every year hundreds of events take place simultaneously across Europe and neighbouring countries. European Researchers’ Nights have been taken place every September since 2005, briging together the public and researchers, and the ideal opportunity to get children more involved in science.

Among the crowd at the Riverside Museum, you would have found members of the BEST group, CDT PIADS and Circuits!.

Explorathon collage

Media coverage from Horizon, The EU Research & Innovation Magazine:

‘I think it's a fantastic opportunity for researchers to see other researchers' work around the city of Glasgow,’ said scientist Habib Nassar. ‘I also think it's fantastic that children can come and see and be inspired not only by science, but what's going on at a local level on a more tangible scale that they can aspire to.’ Nassar’s research works with bionic limbs and artificial, solar-powered skin made with graphene. [BEST Group]

One stand-out project demonstrated a simple technology that uses specific sound frequencies to isolate diseased red blood cells from healthy ones. Acoustic vibrations are tuned in such a way as to concentrate healthy cells at the centre of a droplet, while unhealthy cells circle its edge. The point of the research is to make it easier to diagnose and treat diseases like malaria. [Circuits!]


'Imagine how much storage space you’d need on your phone if you stored every selfie ever taken! How will the world cope with the ever growing need to store data? Forget megabytes and terabytes…we’ll soon reach ZETABYTES! Researchers from the University of Glasgow will demonstrate hands-on activities showcasing the current data storage technology and how they are working to advance it.'

'Explore how the world will cope with storing the world’s selfies and interact with magnetic putty, shiny exposed hard drives and raspberry pi techno selfienators at the Explorathon Extravaganza at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.' [CDT PIADS]