Engineering Meets Art: Imagineer, the review

Issued: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 08:47:00 BST

This summer, Glasgow Science Festival brought together theatre-makers, The Doing Group, with engineers at University of Glasgow's School of Engineering for a day of discussion and inspiration.

The result? Their debut performance to a capacity audience on Friday 29th September at University of Glasgow's James Arnott Theatre. 

The performance, a combination of spoken word, movement, on-stage construction and destruction and projected film and was followed by a Q&A and panel discussion led by Glasgow Science Festival's Zara Gladman and involving engineers from the University of Glasgow, Prof Colin McInnes, Dr Julien Reboud and PhD student, Maira Vasilevska.

Imagineer event photos(Photo credit: Julia Bauer)

Glasgow Science Festival are now looking for engineers to attend & feedback on a taster of upcoming theatre show, 'Imagineer', on Friday 13th October in the Boyd Orr Building, Lecture Theatre 1. The aim is to showcase the diversity of engineering and to stimulate debate around tricky subjects. The final show will be performed for upper secondary schools and a general public audience this December.

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.