School of Engineering students take part in Institute of Mechanical Engineers UAS Grand Challenge

Issued: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 15:19:00 BST

Undergraduate students from the School of Engineering took part in the first UAS Grand Challenge organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Here each team were tasked with designing an autonomous unmanned airborne system that could take-off automatically, fly to a designated site, search for a specific marker, deploy an aid package, fly back to base using a different flight plan and land – all without human intervention! The team proposed a unique H-frame quadrotor, designed to allow each rotor hub to tilt individually, much like the V-22 Osprey. Unfortunately, despite demonstrating the aircraft could perform all of the mission task elements during pre-flight checks, the UAS suffered catastrophic damage during a test flight conducted by the IMechE with their own pilot. Sadly, this means the team couldn’t be ranked this year, but were will be better prepared next year….

Students: Kyle Brown, Angel Zarev, Gani Petelov. Supervisors: Aldo Vargas and Dr. David Anderson.

Visit the University of Glasgow MAST Lab YouTube page to see an excellent video diary of the grand challenge adventure: