Biomedical Engineering PhD student wins College Science Slam

Issued: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 16:19:00 BST

A PhD student from the Biomedical Engineering division, Jumai Abioye, emerged the winner of the third Glasgow Science Slam Competition earlier this month.

The event took place at the Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow on the 2nd of July 2015. Eight PhD students from the College of Science and Engineering presented their work in front of a non-expert audience of over 150 people. The audience was responsible for judging and choosing the winner.

Science Slams are science communication events where scientists present current research to the public using exciting and entertaining formats. These events are organized all over the world and the only limit to creativity the scientists face is the time, which is usually 10 minutes.

It was an eventful night at the Glasgow Science Slam with talks ranging from volcanic eruptions, malaria and dark matter, all the way to a scientific presentation done with a ukulele. The winner was awarded a cash prize of £500, winning the public over with a colourful Prezi presentation, humour and some props to talk about 'Editing genomes'. Her research is focused on the development of tools to selectively cut specific DNA sequences out of the genome in an attempt at developing a therapy for viruses, such as HIV, that insert their genetic information into the DNA of the cells they infect.

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