Acoustic modulation of droplet size makes cover of APL

Issued: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 11:04:00 BST

T-junctions are a common feature in microfluidic chips and are formed by small fluidic channels carrying different liquids. If the fluids are immiscible, such as oil and water, when they meet they form droplets of one fluid within the other. In this report it is shown that the addition of acoustic waves to the T-junction can control the size and frequency of the droplets that are produced;

By varying the power given to the acoustic transducers the length of the droplets is modulated with more power producing smaller but more frequent droplets. As the acoustic modulators are small and can be integrated onto the microsluidic chip this produces a means of producing several different size droplets on different areas of the chip without the need for external, off-chip, flow controls.

This paper comes from Prof Thomas Franke who moved to the University of Glasgow as Professor in Biomedical Engineering from the Institute fur Physik, University of Ausburg.