Centre for Educational Development and Innovation

The primary aim of the Centre is to enable the University of Glasgow to become a leader in Transnational Education. The Centre will support staff in developing the resources and methodologies to enable the Glasgow College UESTC to provide a world-leading learning environment. It will develop motivational approaches to student-centred learning that bring together best practices in the UK and the Chinese systems. It will act as a focus for staff teaching in the Glasgow College UESTC, fostering collegial support and developing novel approaches that address the challenges in teaching and research that are presented by the block teaching delivery model. It will support staff in building portfolios of research and scholarship in pedagogy. The Centre will also help in attracting the world-class talent in teaching and research by distinctly showcasing the activities, achievement and the scale of the TNE operation.

The Centre will hold regular meetings and workshops for all staff, making use of video-conferencing to include those present in Chengdu. Specialist speakers will be invited to participate as appropriate. Within the University, the Centre will work alongside the Early Career Development Programme for new staff and the Learning and Teaching Unit, and will present at key events such as the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. It will work in close collaboration with colleagues in UESTC to hold workshops across the partnership, and bring together similar groups in China, including the other engineering focused JEI/JEPs in Chengdu and other parts of China. It will ensure a presence at key academic conferences, government and NGO forums and industrial workshops. It will encourage companies with a presence in China to participate in the education and research themes of the Glasgow College UESTC. It will engage with industrial partners to keep the curriculum up-to-date and focused, to meet industrial requirements and expectations of new graduates.