The School of Engineering has a defined set of local protocols that complement those of the College of Science and Engineering and support the CoSE and Engineering COVID-19 Recovery Strategic Vision.

The main aspects of the School of Engineering's protocols is to apply measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are in the main based around

  • Safety through controlling people's movement in and around buildings
  • Adherance to social distancing government guidelines currently based at 2 metres.
  • Introduction of cleaning regimes throughout the School with focus on hand washing, provision of sanitisers and PPE.

This portal is the central point for all School of Engineering COVID-19 information and will be updated as required. School of Engineering Staff and Students are encouraged to bookmark this page and visit it regularly.  All updates will be listed in the table below to save searching at each visit.


As of Monday September 7th the School of Engineering Buildings JWS and Rankine will return back to open access. Main doors will now be set for automatic entry and neither Staff or Students will be required to swipe cards for access.  Further Detail at this Link:   Accessing School Buildings

NOTE: Offices at Oakfield Avenue and University Avenue will remain closed.



Date   Section Updated             Detail                     Initial   
13/01/21 Research Laboratories

Added Protrction Level 4 information.

11/12/20 Acessing Buildings

Removed Protection Level 4 information.

27/11/20 Accessing Buildings

Added Protection Level 4 information.

11/11/20 Accessing Buildings

Added in comment and link at SHORT VISITS

22/10/20 Risk Assessment

New section on Risk Assessment

09/10/20 General

Added in Booking System link and splash

07/10/20 General

Added in SAFEZONE details

02/10/20 Responding to COVID

Added in section and link to the process matrix document

30/09/20 School Booking System

Changed instructions for LGs responsibilities over bookings

29/09/20 School booking system

Added in email address for registration requests

14/09/20 Overall Site

Updates to reflect open status of the buildings

08/09/20 Main Section

Moved open access information to main point from Building access section

04/09/20 Access & Signage

Added section around open access from 7th Sept

08/07/20 Access & Signage

Added link to University Moodle Induction pages

01/07/20 School Visitors

Added splash text about granting access limited to Janitor

Access & Signage

Added comment about granting access limited to Janitors

References Changed safety link to non VPN BR
General Added Update table BR
30/06/20 Initial Release of Website   BR