Debbie Goldie

Professor John Marsh


UG/PG recruitment and support

Debbie Goldie

Alison Purdie-Gore

Emma O'Donnell

Colin McInnes

​Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay

Fai Johnston

Kirsty Carlyle


Staff recruitment, Career Development and Promotion

Huabing Yin

Margaret Lucas

Angela Loy

David Cumming

​Jharna Paul


Flexible working and career breaks

Steven Neale

Sophia Andersson

Anne McGarrity

Neil Burnside

Caryn Hughes


School culture and environment

Alasdair Clarke

Sandy Cochran

Marion Hersh

Kostas Ampountolas

Linda Pollock

Lucile Chatellard


MPA and technical staff focus group

Debbie Goldie

Emma O'Donnell

​Alison Purdie-Gore

Anne McGarrity

Linda Pollock