Mr Colin Reilly

  • Associate Tutor (Creativity Culture & Faith)


I recently completed my PhD in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Glasgow. My PhD research, funded by the Carnegie trust, investigated the sociolinguistic context of higher education in Malawi, with a focus on the language use and language attitudes found amongst students and staff in higher education institutions.

I am currently the Research Assistant on an SFC GRCF funded project 'The effect of English-only instruction on skill formation and labour market readiness of young Malawians: First wave of evidence gathering and dialogue between experts and stakeholders'. In this project I am working with colleagues in Malawi to assess the rationale for Malawi's current English-only language-in-education policy, the extent to which this policy is currently being implemented, and the factors which may impact its succesfful implementation. 




Research interests

My research is in sociolinguistics and applied linguistics. I have a particular interest in language-in-education policy and translanguaging in Africa and the ways in which linguistic issues influence socioeconomic development.


I currently supervise Masters students in the School of Education's TESOL programme.


I am a teaching assistant in the Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service. 

Additional information

I sit on the Board of Directors of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

I am currently Secretary for the British Association for Applied Linguistics, Language in Africa Special Interest Group.