Semester 2 information for international students

The School of Education recognises that due to travel disruptions many students have not been able to travel to Scotland to pursue their studies. Due to visa regulations, which are out with the School’s control, students are required to arrive in the UK before 15 January 2022 otherwise their student visas might be revoked. The University of Glasgow has strongly encouraged students to return to campus before this deadline. However, travel restrictions seem to be persisting and recent communications from the Scottish Government about the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland is encouraging a cautious approach.

Given this situation, the School of Education has been granted discretion from the University to explore what options are available for students that are not able to travel to the UK before 15 January 2022 and can be provided by the School. The effect of not travelling to the UK will be to cancel student visas. By default, this will mean that students may have to defer their studies until next academic year, in line with previous communications from the University. As a result, the School of Education has reviewed its programme and course delivery provision again for Semester 2. We are clear that all School of Education students will be able to meet the learning outcomes of their courses, including the small number of students affected by the above. For those who are unable to travel to the UK, a small number of School of Education students may need to complete their teaching online, should they be prevented from entering the UK from the 15th January 2022.


Q. Has the School of Education changed its programme delivery approach since September 2021, and where are School of Education students currently based?

A. All of our teaching has been delivered in a blended approach for Semester 1, with both on campus and online delivery. Many of the School of Education students are currently located in Scotland, including our international students.

Q. I am an international student, and my CAS states I must arrive in the UK by 15th January. I’m not able to do this, can I extend my CAS?

A. All School of Education programmes have been delivered via a blended approach in Semester 1. This will continue in Semester 2. As a result, the latest arrival date for the School of Education programmes remains 15th January 2022. This is consistent with our previous guidance to all School of Education students.

Q. If I cannot arrive by 15th January 2022, what does this mean for my learning?

All of our programmes are delivered via a blended approach, to ensure that all students who engage with our programmes can meet learning outcomes. Students who cannot arrive in the UK by the 15th January 2022 should therefore continue to engage in their studies as they have done during Semester 1, ie online.

We will continue to be flexible where possible for students who are continuing to face challenges. Students with questions on their academic options should contact their specific Programme Leader or Programme Administrator, details of which can be found here:

Q. I have questions on accommodation, visas and other related areas. Who can help me?

A. The University of Glasgow has dedicated support teams for students. Please contact us via the following link: