Yinshu Zhu

Email: y.zhu.4@research.gla.ac.uk


Research Title:

Teachers' perspectives on improving educational inclusion through the performing arts: A qualitative study of primary schools in Shenzhen

Research title

Music Education for Including Newly Arrived Children: A Comparative Study between Primary Schools in Glasgow and Beijing.

Research summary

This research aims to explore the use of innovative and immersive performing arts policies and practices in primary education settings aimed at migrant inclusion in China, and it will focus on discussing how teachers’ perception and background can influence the implementation of improving the inclusive learning environment at primary schools through music and dance activities in education.


  • Zhu, Y. 2017, The review on inclusive education in China.  The Science of Education.


  • 2013.06-2014.12 JiangXi Children's Palace --- a ballroom dance teacher for children (5-12 years old)
  • 2015.02-2015-06 The Hunan Huaihua NO.3 High School ---  a student teacher 
  • 2015.07-2016.03 Hunan Normal University --- a dance teacher for students who are preparing for national college entrance examination