Walter Omo Ikhumhen

  • Community Development
  • Participation and Empowerment

Research title: Community Development in Ewatto, Edo State, Nigeria: Participation, Empowerment and Development of community members.

Research Summary

In Nigeria, rural communities have problems with development despite donations and foreign aid. One peculiar feature of Nigeria is the magnitude of development inequalities expressed in the three-dimensional structure of life expectancy, education and GDP per head (World Bank, 2010). These inequalities have led to major development contrasts between rural and urban areas. It is most visible at the local, rural level because rural development is not a major national priority (Ogidefa, 2010). Policies initiated for rural development are not adequately and effectively implemented. My research examines development policies and the implementation of development strategies in a rural community in Ewatto, Nigeria from a variety of perspectives including government officials and local people with a focus on the participation and empowerment of community members in community development.

Additional Information

Born in Nigeria, Walter is a PhD student in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on rural community development processes in the southern region of Nigeria Ewatto. Before his research at the University of Glasgow, Walter completed his MSc in Strategic Marketing and Consulting at the University of Birmingham and worked as a schedule officer for the Nigerian government.