E-mail: t.omar.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Research Summary

This study generally aims to examine teachers' implementation of the English language curriculum in Libyan secondary schools and will cast light on how teachers' beliefs and other contextual factors influence the way teachers perceive and implement this educational reform. I am interested in what happens in classrooms, i.e. to what extent this reflects what the new curriculum recommends.

As an ELT educator in the Libyan context, the tug of war between teachers from one end and the curriculum planners and principals from the other sparked my interest to look at what actually happens inside the classrooms. I felt that teachers' voices need to be listened to carefully, and that an investigation of teachers' beliefs and the contextual factors which influence teachers' implementation of the curriculum is urgently needed. I believe that such an investigation could have significant implications for ELT in the Libyan context.



    A PhD scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education in Libya


    • University teacher in the University of Benghazi, Department of English Language and Linguistics.

    • Taught English for three years – 2011-2014.

    • Subjects taught: English grammar, Listening, Applied Linguistics and Phonetics.

    Additional Information

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