Shuqi Rao

Research title

The Challenge of Unity among Diversity: A Comparative Study of National Identity Education in the Context of Globalization in China and Scotland

Research summary

National identity is imperative to nation building. The importance of education, as an important tool to shape a distinctive national identity, is widely acknowledged. Over time, citizenship education is used in several countries as an instrument of political socialization to foster among students a sense of belonging to a nation. However, the situation has been challenged by the power of globalization. For one thing, the nation-state is no longer necessarily the focus of citizens’ civic participation and identity. For another, nation-states no longer have the level of control they once had over the policies that are implemented in their education systems. As a consequence, terms like global education, global citizenship education, which are increasingly visible in official and pedagogical discourses, suggest that students should be helped to develop an identity and attachment to the global community and a human connection to people around the world. On the other hand, scholars insist that the important cultural elements of ethnic and immigrant groups should also be valued in such a multicultural society.

My PhD research will explore how the sense of national identity is cultivated in relation with cultural identity and global identity through secondary school citizenship education in China and Scotland in order to analyze how the challenge of unity among diversity is dealt with in citizenship education in China and Scotland in the context of globalization.


Published in Chinese Language:

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Co-sponsored by the university of Glasgow and Chinese government

Additional information

2016.10 to date    PhD researcher, School of Education, University of Glasgow

2013.9-2016.7      MA in Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University

2009.9-2013.7      BA in History, Beijing Normal University