Sarah Cox

Research title: Language Ecologies: Experiences of women involved in the process of separation and reunion and the impact on intergenerational language learning

Research Summary


Language Ecologies: How can we better support reunited refugee familes in Scotland through an ecological, multilingual approach to language learning?


Working in partnership with the British Red Cross Family Reunion Integration Service, Sarah's research focuses on the development of multilingual and intergenerational language learning methods to explore whether such approaches can meet the language learning needs of families who have been separated and reunited through the process of seeking asylum in the UK.

Sarah's research seeks to challenge monolingual teaching methods, examining the gap between current academic literature, policy and practice in the Scottish context whilst also exploring comparisons with language learning systems in Wales with its history of 'translanguaging' and the bilingual context and also with Germany as the federal system has similarities with Scotland within the UK.

The research seeks to address the dominance of English both inside and outside the language learning classroom and to highlight the importance of the recognition of refugees own languages by addressing linguistic hierachies and the dominance of English both inside and outside the classroom.