Ruihua Chen

Research title

Gifted English Language Learners: A comparison between the cultural and practical experiences of Chines students learning English in Scotland and in China

Research summary

English and Chinese are totally different languages belonging to different cultures. Cultural heritage, mother tongue, forms, social context and other aspects would influence the second or foreign language learning. It is estimated that there are approximately 400-650 million English learners and users in China, contributing to a quarter of the population in China. However, few researches investigated the gifted English language learning in China, as well as Chinese gifted English language learner. As the cultural conceptions could influence second or foreign language learning, the context of Chinese culture needs to be considered for identifying gifted English language learners in China.

Additional information

I was an English language teacher in China. I have been in Glasgow for three years and finished my master degree in MEd TESOL. And I’m so interested in my PhD research topic. Gifted education is so important for all disciplines. It will be good way for learners to identify themselves clearly, and help them achieve the excellence.