Rui He

Rui He

Research Title

Foreign Language Learners' Acculturation Experiences in Chinese and British Study Abroad Programmes

Research Summary

My research is within the context of internationalisation in worldwide higher education institutions, with a focus on the study abroad programmes for foreign language learners. Due to the rapid development of globalisation, an increasing number of university students, mostly undergraduates and some postgraduates are encouraged to study in foreign countries through the study abroad programmes. Also, a one-term abroad or a one-year abroad programme, which is now commonly embedded in Foreign Studies programmes in many universities all over the world becomes another deciding factor. These educational experiences in the host country being immersed in the target language, philosophies and culture are expected to impact upon foreign studies major students’ experience in many different ways, primarily influenced by their perceptions of the host language and culture. Therefore, my study aims to investigate and compare the ‘mirror-image’ experiences of foreign language major students (English language learners from China who come to the UK and British learners of Chinese Studies who go to China) as part of the study abroad programmes.

Additional Information

I obtained my MA in Education at the University of Durham. As a big fan of Harry Potter, the University of Glasgow is like ‘the Hogwarts’ to me. With its worldwide reputation, rich learning and research resources, great support for students and researchers, pastoral care and also beautiful and historic campus, I believe the University of Glasgow is the ideal place for commencing my PhD journey.

My research interests are:

Academic acculturation through international study;

Language, culture and identity;

Intercultural education;

Psychology of learning.