Research title

The role of E-learning in higher education in Saudi Arabia from the perspective of administrators, students and Faculty members (Case study of Hail and Al-Jouf University)

Research summary

One of the aims of the Saudi vision for 2030 is that in 2025 at least five Saudi universities will be among the 200 top international universities. This goal will not be achieved without improving the use of technology in the teaching and learning process by faculty members. As a result, my study was conducted in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current adoption of new technology such as LMSs into teaching methods in Saudi institutions. Also, little research has been conducted in the Saudi context so far on the adoption of new technology in the education process from the perspectives of educators, students and leaders of E-learning.


1- Instructor Acceptance of Mobile Learning in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study of Hail University.  O. Alharbi1, H. Alotebi2, A. Masmali3 & N. Alreshidi4


2- Effective Leadership in Virtual Learning Environments. H. Alotebi, O. Alharbi, and A. Masmali


3- Adoption of E-learning in Saudi Arabian university education: Three factors affecting educators. O. Alharbi and V. Lally



Best presentation award in London Conference in  2019 


1- International Academic Multidisciplinary Research Conference, 2018

London, UK




I have been working as a teacher in high schools for 10 years in different schools in KSA.

Additional information

In 2016, the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia implemented a new criterion for students who wanted to study for a PhD in the UK or elsewhere. This criterion was that students who wanted to study abroad should secure an offer from a high-ranking university with an excellent worldwide reputation. For this reason, I have chosen Glasgow University as the institution where I would like to continue my study, as it meets this criterion. Also, Glasgow University has provided me with a perfect supervisor who has assisted and supported me in my research; so far I have published three papers. Furthermore, I was invited to the Saudi Embassy on the 25 of September 2018 in order to receive an encouraging gift and reward from the Saudi ambassador because I had successfully published many publications. I was the only student who from Saudi Arabia study in Glasgow University invited for this reward, and without Glasgow University and my supervisor  support I would not have been able to achieve this honour. Finally, I became a reviwer in American Journal of Education and Information Technology.