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The Washback Effect of English National Examination

Research title

Investigating the washback effect of English national examination on Indonesian classroom practices

Research summary

Presumably, washback effect of national examination exists in English subject of third graders of lower secondary schools in Indonesia. To test the assumption, the study implies two elements that have tendency to be influenced by the national exam. They are participants and process. Both elements are likely to be influenced by national examination positively and negatively. As one of the participants, teachers are alleged to direct the students to pass the exam. The teachers may perceive that the students’ expected test score is a determiner of the success of their teaching process. Meanwhile, the other element proposed by Hughes is the process. The teachers who are also the syllabus designers may modify the content of syllabus in the classroom as the preparation of the exam.

This paper outlines research to find out the positive and negative washback effects of English National Examination in teaching process at third grade of junior high school. The research is aimed at gaining understanding about the influence affected by English National Examination on the teaching process of English lesson in the classroom. The aspects of the study that will be observed are syllabus design, syllabus implementation in the classroom and teachers’ awareness towards the exam.

The three questions proposed are:

  1.      What effects does the English National Examination have on the English syllabus?
  2.      How do the English teachers implement the English syllabus in the classroom?

How do English teachers perceive the influence of English National Examination to the classroom practice?



Additional information

I have been an English lecturer in Universitas Bale Bandung, Indonesia since 2007. I got my MSc TESOL degree in the University of Edinburgh, the United Kingdom in 2012. It is always a grateful moment to come back to Scotland where I can meet people from different backgrounds.