Liying Zhang


Research title: A case study of students’ socio-cultural experiences within transnational branch campus in China

Research Summary

Subject Area: Transnational higher education; Transnational social-cultural issues; Student experiences

In China, transnational branch campus is an emerging form of education with a rapid development after China's accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001. Compared with students at ordinary Chinese universities, the students at transnational branch campuses in China are special, who "study abroad without going abroad". However, in addition to motivations for students' participation in transnational branch campuses, little research has been done to cover the experiences of the student, including student satisfaction and the institutional support they receive. The aim of this research is to understand student's experiences at a transnational branch campus in China throughout the university and the impacts of transnational education on students after graduation.

Additional Information

2018-    PhD candidate, School of Education, University of Glasgow

2016-2017 MSC in Public Policy & Management, School of Business & Management, King's College London

2011-2015 BA in Public Administration, China University of Mining & Technology

                 Minor in Accounting, China University of Mining & Technology