. Herdiana

E-mail: h.herdiana.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Office: St Andrew's Building, University of Glasgow, G3 6NH

Website: SiKancil.org 

Research Interests

  • Multiculturalism and religious diversity in children's literature
  • Child agency and construction of childhood
  • Reader response
  • Critical multicultural analysis

Research title: The power and potentials of multicultural literature in a diverse archipelago: multiculturalism in Indonesian children’s books, children’s responses, and teachers’ perspectives.

Research Summary

As a PhD candidate in Children's Literature and Literacies, my doctoral research looks at how multicultural stories for children can be effectively used to tackle prejudice and promote tolerance in a pluralistic society.

The research examines the discourse of tolerance, pluralism, differences and similarity in contemporary Indonesian children's books, how children, specifically middle-graders, respond and construct meanings from these books, and teachers' perceptions as text mediators.

I'm also an author, editor, and translator from Jakarta, Indonesia. I hold an MEd (Distinction) in Children's Literature and Literacies from the University of Glasgow, as well as an MSc in Developmental Psychology and a BHum in English Literature from Universitas Indonesia. 


Hakim, H. (in press). ‘Unsilencing’ Chinese Indonesians through Children’s Literature. International Research in Children’s Literature. 

Hakim, H. (2020). Seeking “Unity in Diversity”: Contemporary Children’s Books in Indonesia. In: Wilson, B., and Gabriel, S.P. (Eds) Asian Children's Literature and Film in a Global Age: Local, National, and Transnational Trajectories. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 245-287. DOI 10.1007/978-981-15-2631-2. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-981-15-2631-2_12

Tambunan, S., Hapsarani, D., and Hakim, H. (2017). Going Beyond Celebratory Multiculturalism: Developing a Self-Reflective Children Story Project. ICOLLITE Proceeding Vol. 1: pp. 493-498. DOI 10.5220/0007169804930498. https://www.scitepress.org/ProceedingsDetails.aspx?ID=vkNhBMvpTSg=&t=1






  • Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

          Full scholarship for master's programme (2015-2016)

  • Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

          Full scholarship for PhD programme (2018-2022)

  • Children's Literature Summer School Scholarship, University of Antwerp (1-5 July 2019)





International Research Society for Children's Literature (IRSCL) Congress. Stockholm, Sweden, 14-18 August 2019. Presentation title: Finding Voice in Post-Authoritarian Era: Chinese Indonesians in Selected Contemporary Children’s Books.

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Colloquium: Building New Communities in UK’s Children’s Literature Research. Newcastle University and Seven Stories, UK, 6-7 June 2019. Presentation title: Exploring the Potentials of Multicultural Literature in Indonesia.

London Book Fair. London, UK, 12-14 March 2019. Presentation title: Emerging Themes in Contemporary Indonesian Children's Literature.

Asian Festival of Children’s Content. Singapore, 17-21 May 2017. Presentation title: Child Agency and Multiculturalism in Indonesian Children's Mysteries & Historical Fiction.

Asia Oceania Regional IBBY Congress. Putrajaya, Malaysia, 12-17 May 2015. Presentation title: Multicultural Literature in Indonesian Children’s Books



IELTS, TOEFL, and English for Academic Purposes, Lembaga Bahasa Internasional, Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan & Budaya (The International Language Center of the Faculty of Humanities), Universitas Indonesia

Additional Information

I blog about Indonesian children's literature at www.SiKancil.org and share about books and PhD life on Instagram at @herdianahkm.