Giuseppe Binetti

Research title

Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy: Freedom, Spirituality, and Creativity.

Research summary

Research title: 'Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogy: Freedom, Spirituality, and Creativity'.

The aim of my research project is to investigate, and offer new perspectives on the teaching approach adopted in Steiner schools. This study will explore in particular the notion of freedom and spirituality and their links to the notion of creativity. The objective here is to elucidate the nature and the significance of these elements, as well as the physical context, conditions and arrangements in which they occur. 

The research focuses on exploring the imaginative teaching methods adopted in the Steiner Schools curriculum, and provides a closer analysis of the outcomes that such an approach can produce. Thus, it will explore how the theoretical guidelines provided by Steiner are translated into practice.

Ultimately, I provide a good account on how the teachers’ ethos influences the students’ life. 


Research questions:

  • How do notions of freedom and spirituality influence the school environment?
  • Does this approach influence the learning environment and in which way?
  • How does this approach help children to develop their own inner qualities in a holistic way?
  • Is this approach still relevant and current? 


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (School of Education)