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    • Social Psychology
    • Positive Psychology
    • Peace Psychology
    • (Cross-)Cultural Psychology 
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    • Identity Beliefs, Trauma, Stress and Growth, Wellbeing, Schemas, Associations, Social Trends & Norms, Behavior Modification, Religiosity and Spirituality, Cognitive Dissonance, Mixed-Methods, Tool Development.



    Emily-Marie Pacheco is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Glasgow. She is currently investigating the effects of indirect exposure to trauma amongst international students who are abroad during times of conflict in their home-countries, with a special focus on students from countries Syria, Palestine, and Turkey.

    Previously, Emily completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. Emily also earned a Research Specialist distinction from Wilfrid Laurier University for her major research project which investigated the relationship between “eye opening” experiences and subsequent changes in behavior, identity, and personality. This research was later presented by her at the Canadian Psychological Association Conference in Toronto, 2017.

    Throughout her academic career, Emily has been extensively involved in volunteer work in her local and global communities. Locally, Emily has been involved in many  projects which support low-income high-risk youth in their academic, professional, and home life, worked directly on-site as a Crew Leader with Habitat for Humanity, and has volunteered in annual Toronto “We Day” conventions organized by the Free The Children & Me to We foundations. She has also travelled internationally to volunteer in projects, such as food rescue missions and youth development programs. Emily's experiences in humanitarian work have inspired her to find ways to utilize research as a catalyst for social justice and positive social change, such as with her current research project. Emily’s passion for meaningful research has also led her to take on professional positions as a Research Assistant for the non-profit foundation Christian Horizon, which serves individuals with exceptional needs, and within the IMPETuS lab at Wilfrid Laurier University. Emily also formerly held the position of UNESCO Chair Intern at the University of Glasgow, where she worked alongside the UNESCO chair team in organizing and facilitating the UNESCO Spring School of 2019. 

    Currently, Emily is pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology through the globally esteemed School of Education at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. She looks forward to building a career in academia, and looks to build her own lab of academics who also have a passion for investigating socially meaningful topics in our global society.

    Research Summary

    Emily's research explores the lived-experiences of international students who are away from home during times of political conflict in their home-countries. The project investigates the experiences of Syrian, Palestinian, and Turkish students, from a Psychological perspective; and therefore considers concepts such as the effects of remote exposure to personally significant traumatic material. For students who are away from home during times of political conflict (e.g., war, terrorist attacks, civil unrest), indirect exposure can be a significant hinderance to their wellbeing. Indirect exposure to trauma, exacerbated by life stress and lack of social support, can also become a risk factor for developing stress disorders. Thus, Emily's research looks to better understand these experiences by investigating the features of indirect exposure to trauma, and of coping mechanisms in their capacity to be protective - and facilitators of growth and resilience.

    Recent Presentations

    Please see below for a list of selected academic presentations:

    Pacheco, E. (2019, August). Exploring UK-based international student experiences during times of home-country conflict: A disucssion of preliminary findings. Presented at the 18th Biennial EARLI Conference 2019 at RWTH Aachen, Germany. 

    Pacheco, E. (2019, August). Reshaping experiences: Culture shock to culture learning for modern international students. Presented as a Best of JURE round-table session at the JURE 2019 Pre-Conference of EARLI at RWTH Aachen, Germany. 

    Pacheco, E. (2019, June). Exploring the lived experiences of UK International Students abroad during times of active political conflict in home-countries: Methods and concepts. Presented at the 16th Annual IMISCOE Conference 2019 at Malmö University, Sweden

    Pacheco, E. (2019, February). Motivations and Methods: Exploring the lived experiences of international students during times of crisis in home countries. Presented at the Post-Graduate Research-led Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. 

    Pacheco, E. (2018, December). Let’s talk Mixed-Methods: When passion for social change meets research. Presented at the University of Glasgow’s International Issues in Education Session, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. 

    Pacheco, E. (2018, 19 June). Exploring the lived experiences of international students during times of crisis in home countries: An introduction. Presented at the Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet) Research Open Day, Glasgow, UK.

    Pacheco, E. (2017, July). When Life Changes You: Exploring the Effects of Perspective-Altering Experiences on Identity, Perspective, and Behavior. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada. 

    Pacheco, E. (2017, March). When Life Changes You: The Effects of Perspective-Altering Experiences on Identity, Perspective, and Behavior. Poster presented at the Ontario Psychological Undergraduate Thesis Conference, Waterloo, ON, Canada.


    Emily-Marie currenly holds the following positions in the University:

    • Graduate Teaching Associate including but not limited to the following courses
      • International Issues in Adult & Continuing Education
      • Introduction to Educational and Social Research
      • Contemporary Issues in Education
      • Cognitive Psychology
      • Educational Psychology 

    Recent Publications

    • Pacheco, E-M. (2020). Culture Learning Theory and globalization: Reconceptualizing Culture Shock for modern cross-cultural sojourners. New Ideas in Psychology, 58 (C).
    • Pacheco, E-M. (2020). International student well-being and the influence of politics. In K. Bista, G. Sharma & U. Gaulee (Eds.), Rethinking education across borders: Emerging issues and important insights on globally mobile students. New York: Springer. 193-207.
    • Cai, L., Dangeni, Elliot, D. L., He, R., Liu, J., Makara, K. A., Pacheco, E., Shih, H-Y., Wang, W., & Zhang, J. (2019). A conceptual inquiry of communities of practice as praxis in international doctoral education. Journal of Praxis in Higher Education, 1 (1), 11-36. *All authors are equal contributors