Daniël van Dijk



Research title: Thinking about education with Jacques Rancière: An adventure on the borders of possibility

Research Summary

Rancière, truth, poetics: Emancipation on the boundary between research and education

In my research I focus on the educational thought of Jacques Rancière. I aim to come to an understanding of his 'way of seeing', which he has built up throughout a large number of published works. Some of the important concepts he uses that are relevant for my research are: emancipation, stultification, equality of intelligence, radical democracy, veracity, attention, reason, and speech. As to the last concept in that list - 'speech' - I am specifically interested in Rancière's ideas on the 'poetic' element of human speech or expression. Emancipation consists in the realisation that all my expressions and actions as a human being are poetic in nature, that I am therefore always creating when I express myself. This in turn leads to an understanding of truth as a poetic process. Truth is created in the act of expression, which means it is personal rather than objective. We can speak in line with what we feel to be true, with attention. Rancière calls this combination 'reason'. We can also speak contrary to what we feel to be true, in a distracted and/or distracting way, a combination Rancière calls 'rhetoric'. I want to take this constellation of concepts and build upon it my own conceptual framework, and my own way of seeing. With this, I hope to find a way to think adequately about the role of education in a post-truth world.


(Upcoming) March 2020.  “Thinking about education with Jacques Rancière”.  Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. New College, University of Oxford.


Graduate teaching assistant

EDUC5156: Modern Educational Thought. (2017-2018)

EDUC5156: Modern Educational Thought. (2018-2019)

EDUC5142P: Dissertation for Educational Studies. (2019-2020)