* Dangeni


Research title

'An Investigation on the Experience of Engagement and Cognitive Development on Becoming an English Language Teacher'

Research summary

Aiming at investigating the experience of learning engagement and cognitive development of one cohort in UK universities-Chinese learners in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programmes, this project attempts to seek an in-depth understanding of their development in becoming a language teacher in their one-year master’s study. This study hopes to bridge the present gap in the rare literature of TESOL learners’ learning engagement through adopting a qualitative approach to collect and analyse data. Both students’ and academic staffs’ perceptions towards the actual approaches that provided by the programme to facilitate their learning engagement and their conceptual change will be explored. This study hopes to gather evidence on students’ learning experience and suggest recommendations for institutions to have an in-depth understanding towards students and provide support for maximising their learning experience and optimise learning outcomes.


2018. International Mobility Scholarship. University of Glasgow.


Dangeni (2018). An Investigation of Chinese TESOL Learners' Experience in Becoming an English Language Teacher at UK universities. Scottish Centre for China Research Postgraduate Network: Postgraduate Chinese Studies Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 26 October 2018. 

Dangeni (2018). Ethical Considerations before Collecting DataEarly Career Researcher Symposium Series: Ethical Dilemmas in Educational Research, Stirling, United Kingdom, 23 July 2018. 

Dangeni (2018). Chinese TESOL learners in UK universities. 15th Enhancement Themes Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 7 June 2018. 

Additional information

Dangeni's research interests include Student Engagement, Language Teacher Cognition, Second Language Teacher Education, and Intercultural Education.

Dangeni's current PhD project and research interests come from her personal experience as a Chinese learner in MSc TESOL programme at the University of Edinburgh. Her previous working experience as an EAP lecturer also made her reflect critically on how the TESOL programme can help to implement theory into practice. She is passionate about investigating the roles of the approaches provided by the programme in facilitating language teacher's conceptual change and the way in which teacher learner's cognition transferred from a learner at the university to a language teacher.

Dangeni's strong interest in international students' engagement and learning at UK universities encourages her to explore more by playing different roles at the university. Her roles including:

  • Research Intern at the University of Glasgow for the project 'Towards maximising international PhD students' experience in the UK' 
  • Part-time Digital Intern in the Adam Smith Business School.
  • PGR Ambassador in the School of Education