Angela de Britos

Research title

The extent to which policy nurtures the cultural and linguistic heritage of plurilingual children: the voice of Spanish-speaking families in Glasgow

Research summary

This research project considers language education policy in Scotland since 1989 and examples from international comparisons by exploring the benefits of and barriers to multilingualism and multiculturalism.  By listening to the experiences, needs and expectations  of Spanish-speaking children and their families here in Glasgow, this research aims:

  1. To investigate the extent to which Spanish-speaking families perceive that their mother tongue language and culture are being nurtured in primary education in Scotland.
  2. To examine Scottish languages education policy in supporting the linguistic and cultural heritage of Spanish-speaking pupils.
  3. To provide new evidence on how policy and professional practice could better support the linguistic and cultural needs of Spanish-speaking children and families in primary education.


de Britos, A. (2016) Mother Tongue Other Tongue multilingual project for schools: Add your voice to the Poet-Tree. Scottish Languages Review Issue 31, Summer 2016, 43-52


As a teaching fellow, I teach primary languages pedagogy to postgrad and undergrad students on a variety of programmes at most Teacher Education Institutions across Scotland on behalf of my employer SCILT and the Scottish Government.

Additional information

Traveller, language lover and bilingual mum of two!

After working for teaching in primary schools in England, then as an advisor for the EAL service, and latterly lecturing at the University of St Mark & St John in Plymouth, I returned to Scotland to work at SCILT the national centre for languages where my remit covers early language learning and bilingualism.  As I am combining work with part-time PhD study, this move back to Scotland made great sense.